Ovoloscoin: A Social Networking Economy Digital Asset

OVOLOS Coin will be an enabler for the sustainable economies within social networking . It has been designed to satisfy the need for alternative methods in financing the transactions and/or interactions of users and companies within modern social networks, providing, at the same time, trust and transparency in their communication and where these elements are of highest priority.

What is the Ovoloscoin?

Ovolos coin idea suggests the creation and the launch of a digital asset addressing the need of an alternative financial transactions system using Blockchain technology, to service the needs of transactions within Social Networks rewarding their users.

Each new Ovolos Coin, as a digital asset fully complying with EU’s regulations, is entering the market only through the transactions and interractions between users and companies of compatible with Ovolos Technologies social networks around the Globe. Ovolos Coin Project was Initiated and is under the Management of the Ovolos Research Institute (est 2010) in Athens, Greece.

Traditional Assets
Digital Goods

Ovoloscoin Holders benefits

  • Purchase or sale of Ovolos Coins in a transparent and secure way via secured Exchange Platforms and through the interaction of users and companies in new social networks
  • Protect investors wishing to invest in Ovolos Coins from any abnormal speculations created by miners or others outside the Ovolos Coin financial ecosystem
  • Use the Ovolos Coin as a mean digital asset (according to EU Regulations) of financial transactions between all Ovolos Coin holders, regardless whether they are members or not of Social Networks
  • Users in compatible social networks create new Ovolos Coins through their interactions, which then can be exchanged with goods or services offered by Companies promoting or selling their goods through such communication channels as a reward for their time spent.
  • Social Network operators that wish to offer such benefits to their users, attracting companies that promote using and paying with Ovolos coins, as they are circulated within their social network
  • Benefit from the expected rise of the Ovolos Coin value as well as from the Ovolos Coin ecosystem /within the Ovolos Coin ecosystem. Aligned with the way users of Social Media interact to each other and with companies using such communication channels to advertise, promote or sell their goods or services, Ovolos aims to secure both their financial transactions and their interest to participate in such networks
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What Stage are we at?

Q2 2010
Foundation of Ovolos Research Institute
Q3 2020
Redesign of ORI activities and perpuse
Q4 2020 (delayed due to Covid19)
Design of the Ovolos Degital Asset Project
Q1 2021
•Develop of Ovolos tokens •List in digital assets exchange platforms •Promote to Addvertisment companies and Social Network Operators •Beta test in existin social network
Q2 2021
•Launch marketing campains •Operate in at least one social network
Q2 2021
•Reach 100.000 transactions/day •Full availiability of all apps and functions
Q4 2022
•Build overseas support offices
New apps and functions availability
New apps and functions availability
New apps and functions availability

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Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created

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